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I was born ’47 in an Italian neighborhood, which was turning into a black one, within view of the Statue of Liberty.  My Dad was a mortar gunner in Patton’s 4th Armored Division. His experiences in combat and of course his own childhood prior to it, made violence a major theme in my childhood.  Fighting was glorified, anger and violence were modeled, and dogmatic theology was promulgated.

At the age of 16 looking for a way out of my home environment as well as some answers to “what’s it all about…” and willing to take a step down the road to becoming a religious brother, I entered Marist Prep.  Three years later I took my first vows, concealing the fact that I had become an agnostic and had radically different ideas about the true nature of the vows.  For me, the vow of chastity, for example, had nothing to do with sexual abstinence or celibacy.  It had to do with unconditional love; the only kind of love I recognized then and which still makes sense to me now.

My 3 years in Europe scratched my productivity itch.   I took a Masters in Philosophy at the Sorbonne, most of another in French Lit. at NYU in Paris, I trained in Karate, became fluent in French, conversational in Italian.  I spent the next 10 years in Asia where I had some significant realizations.  The most important happened in Daramsala, where I was taking teachings at the Tibetan Library.  I read J Krishnamurti and realized that my fundamental modus operandi in life, which was based on physical and intellectual domination, would never get me where I wanted to go.  In fact, most of my thinking was actually a form of suffering.  That blew my mind.  The way out of this suffering is the process of choiceless observation, which has been my main practice since that time in ’74.

Living in Rajneesh’s commune in Poona, India, and later in Oregon, afforded me a place to test out this model of inquiry and make many other experiments.  In those years I learned about the interface of meditation and sexuality, about power, jealousy, conflict, how to celebrate everything including death, and had my deepest experiences of letting go and unconditional love, not to mention punching cows and riding horses!

I moved to Santa Fe, NM in ’85 and spent a lot of time in what I could call men’s work which was essentially reclaiming parts of myself that I had pushed back into the shadow, things like fear, shame and grief.  Anger was a kind of cap on the well of these deep painful emotions and beliefs.  Sitting in men’s circles helped me get more clarity about how I was holding all this together and at what price.

I went back to school again in ’94 for an MA in counseling psychology.  I wanted more meaning in my life and saw psychotherapy as a way to contribute to others in the context of right livelihood.  In ’95 I listened to a cassette of Marshall Rosenberg on anger, which again blew my mind.  He taught me that I alone am the cause of my anger, and everything else I feel.  This insight helped me integrate my default emotion, which had been eating my lunch for over 50 years.  NVC has also given me a very succinct way of playing/working with myself and my clients on the path to getting free of conditioning and a way that interfaces so harmoniously with the other practices I had explored and continue to explore, like Byron Katie’s work.   It has also been a gateway for collaborating and co-creating with other trainers like my co-writers Jim, Jori and Jake!  May the horse be with you!

About Jack Lehman

My life has been about freedom, in particular, “Freedom From The Known”. That desire initiated a 4-year stint as a religious brother, with vows, in up-state NY. I then spent 3 years in Europe completing an MA in philosophy at the Sorbonne. During my 10 years in Asia, I took third degree black belt in Wado-Ryu karate, immersed myself in meditation and yoga, lived in the Rajneesh Humaniversity, and became a massage therapist and a group facilitator. I then punched cows and drove heavy machinery in Oregon for 3-4 years before taking a second MA, this time in counseling psychology. Today I often take the role of licensed psychotherapist, specializing in equine assisted psychotherapy, in private practice in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and certified trainer, with the Center for Nonviolent Communication. I get a kick out of combining wilderness adventure, my horses and the fun of getting free.
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Responses to More About Jack

  1. Clayton says:

    Yay! Liking the website and hearing your life story (and not believing it for a second)! Ha ha the horse must be with me and it is smiling back at you! Love you Jack!

  2. Vibha says:

    Hi, Jack,
    What really touched me in your website was your process of reclaiming the parts of yourself that were shut away by shame and, for me, self-hatred. Thank you for writing that. It speaks to exactly where I am now, and I feel validated – not alone – and supported. It feels like a vital step to take toward integration, wholeness, and love. I’ve agreed with my parental critics my whole life and kept myself in the dungeon. The one who presents to the world is a phony or at least partial, unable to let love in or out. Today I’m trying to bring the 2 parts together into one whole person – divine and human, warts and all.
    Boatloads of love to you,

  3. Linda Loleit says:

    I find the matrix clear and brilliant. NVC keeps beckoning me as I search for connection. I stay working and parenting on this little farm and long for more.

  4. Jack Lehman says:

    Hi Linda, I am happy to have your assessment of our assessment tool. May it lead to more connection! cheers, Jack