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Avoiding Fundamentalism in Spiritual Practice

When we’re in community with others who are enthusiastic about a particular approach to life, it’s possible to fall into a kind of fundamentalism in which we limit ourselves to viewing life through the lens of that approach. I experienced this myself when I was learning Nonviolent Communication (NVC). In this article, I describe my experience of fundamentalism, I explore how fundamentalism can follow from the stories we hold about our spiritual practices, and I suggest how we can translate these stories so we can maintain our open-mindedness, awareness, and flexibility as we participate in spiritual community. Continue reading

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Observing, Interpreting, and Experiencing in Conflict Resolution and Personal Growth

Making observations, interpreting, and experiencing are three ways of approaching experience. Let’s see how they relate to conflict resolution, personal growth, and spiritual growth. Continue reading

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Jim’s take on Presence

Presence For me, if there is one skill underlying all of the others presented in these pathways to liberation, it is presence.  Without presence, we can not deliberately engage the other skills because we lack real-time awareness; similarly, the practice … Continue reading

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