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Jim and I have been cooperating in the great adventure of life for over 31 years. We enjoy our business, Peaceworks (since 1993), which includes mediating, facilitating, consulting, and training together, as well as meditating, walking, snorkeling, playing, and traveling. We are gifted with 2 children, Jiva Shanti and Jaya Deva, who have been my greatest teachers of the heart. I savor the many opportunities to nurture cooperative and creative relationships, communities, and organizations, as well as to support joyful growth with people who pay it forward in the world. My favorite project is our yearly 8-month Compassionate Leadership programs, http:/

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There are a variety of points of view from which to write an account of the uniqueness of one’s life. I am sharing some events and values here that appear to be significantly transformational to me. If you are interested… Continue reading

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