Welcome!  Pathways to Liberation is a collaborative project created by Jacob Gotwals, Jack Lehman, Jim Manske and Jori Manske.  In 2008 we started writing about Skills for transforming life and relationships.  We continue to explore ways to share these skills with a broader audience.  To receive occasional updates about our project, sign up on the right.  See Requests to support our ongoing work.  Stay tuned to our Home page for more articles and information from the four of us.

Jori Manske
I love the growth and depth of connection of co-creating this Matrix of self-assessment.  Sharing it with others has been fun and enlightening as people realize and celebrate the shifts that have already happened for them, and they become aware of and see how they can develop more capabilities to enrich life.

Jim Manske
I feel eager to co-create innovative ways to help people to integrate skills that support them in awakening their consciousness of compassion!  This project offers a concrete series of measurable steppingstones to help you fulfill your personal vision of building a more just, peaceful and loving world.  Working collaboratively as a team continues to be an example of the world I want to live in!

Jack Lehman
Pathways to Liberation is about getting free, being free. It was born in collaboration and co-created in a field of co-operation and feedback. I am celebrating both the clarity and the connection I have enjoyed during the process.  May it lead to the unconditioned!

Jacob Gotwals
This self-assessment Matrix is a first step toward naming and clarifying many skills that my co-authors and I have found valuable in our own lives. I hope it might inspire you, and serve the evolution of consciousness.

Jack, Jim and Jori are
Certified Trainers with

The Center for Nonviolent Communicationwww.cnvc.orgcnvc@cnvc.org +1-505-244-4041

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