The Pathways to Liberation project was started in 2008 by Jacob Gotwals, Jack Lehman, and Jim and Jori Manske.  View our self-assessment matrix, read more about our project, or read our latest blog postings below.

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Responses to Welcome!

  1. Mickey Judkovics says:

    Dear All,
    Unfortunatley This field does not take formatted text. Contact me if you want a fromatted copy of table.
    Re-connecting to self & recovering from reactivity
    (Skill #7 on http://pathwaystoliberation.net/skills )

    Stages of Emotional Processing NVC Self-Connection Mickey’s term is Embodiment

    How to know if you are not connected to yourself. David Grove: Ask, “And when I say the word “I” where is my “I’ when I say the word “I”?”Mickey’s Question. Ask, “Are I willing to come back into your this area of my body?”Additional Lammers sentence: LogosynthesisI retrieve all my energy bound up in (event, person, place) and take it back into the right place in my Self.

    Healing shock (Caused by life threatening events in our lives.
    Works with body Sensations

    “What sensations do you have in your body when you think or talk about this situation? Whole Body Trembling- Can I let this body part move?” How does this body part want to breathe?

    Working with Sadness, Anger and Fear
    Metaphor Simple metaphor-location, size, shape, how much water can it hold? (Ken Keyes)
    Complex Metaphor- Clean Language (David Grove)
    Focusing especially “Treasure Souls” (Ann Cornell )

    Expressive Techniques – letting go of resistance to what is, and being willing to allow our experience to unfold. (From http://pathwaystoliberation.net/skills/ ) Sadness-Crying. NVC encourages ala skills, Robert Gonzales
    Anger- Angering, Raging- No NVC –Enjoy the Jackal show
    Fear-Fearing, Trembling

    Transformative, Transcendence
    NVC- What need does this emotion point to?
    Sedona-Kinesthetic Releasing
    Byron Katie –Four Questions
    Mickey -Fear: Focus on body sensation and ask, What was there before this?
    Mickey-Anger: Focus us on body sensation and say, “I am”

  2. kim crayne says:

    Dear Mickey,

    There are many interesting leads in the letter your wrote, my eyes zeroed in on “healing shock” and would like a list of interventions for that.
    what I am understanding is, first one gets present with one’s body, and connect to searching out and observing the sensations one is going through and finding ways to describe them.

    next I’m guessing one important intervention for healing would be to allow the body to process the experience without trying to control it but to be present as an observer self (while empathizing and connecting to the needs that are being expressed and felt) and giving full acceptance of allowing and trusting (truly listening and giving an acceptance that it makes sense to have the reactions one has)

    would you mind a hypothetical example of a person processing and healing shock and also how another person helps in that?

    • Mickey Judkovics says:

      Dear Kim,
      Please forgive my long delay in answering your question.
      I just returned to this website today and saw your question.
      Here are a few quick thoughts:
      Another person provides a “container” for a person to heal from shock by being a caring compassionate presence for the other person to do their healing work.
      For more discussion you can reach me at mickeyjudd@yahoo.com
      In the mean time you can access a video I made at
      The intent of it is heal shock by the use of empathic singing.
      I hope this helps a little.